Preparing your Stick & Stringing - Road to the Season: 1

Welcome to my newest video Series, the Road to the Season. In this series I will be talking about what you need to do to get ready for the spring season! The first episode deals with your stick and stringing. More info after the Jump!

More info after the Jump!

Your stick is one of the most important elements and it must be on point the second you step on the field. NOW is the time to get your stick ready, not the day before you head out for tryouts. your stick should work exactly the way you want and you should not have to worry about the way it throws come game day.

Check out the video for my insights.

During my senior season at Elizabethtown college I use matching Evo X's. Both were strung exactly the same so that I could change to the other if one broke. I did change the way they were strung a few times during the season but the changes were slight. I made sure to spend plenty of time on the wall after the change so that I did not have to adjust on the practice field.