Filling crazy Retail & Wholesale Orders Today

Very busy at the ECD factory today shipping out over 600 pieces of East Coast Mesh!

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Today we sent out orders to 7 retail stores, some old some new. We are always looking to work with more stores so if you know any that would be interested let us know! Email

Thats alot of mesh!
These retail orders included over 600 individual pieces of East Coast Mesh. We love seeing this much mesh leave the factory and alot of hard work went into these orders. Check out the video to see what stores order what mesh! Lots of custom 2 color pieces included.

Links to some of the stores facebok pages:
RuffLax FB: FB:
Proboss Lacrosse FB:
Mountain Edge FB:
PJs sports FB:

List of current Retailers and Wholesalers that carry East Coast Mesh:

  • Edge Sports
  • Goal Evolution Athletic Supply
  • Lacrosse Central
  • Lax Locker
  • Lax Pros
  • Mountain Edge Sports
  • Northern Soul Sportswear
  • Perfect Pocket Lacrosse Stringing
  • PJ's Sports
  • Playback Sports
  • Ruff Lax
  • South Swell Sports
  • Sports Frame
  • Sport Stop
  • Sports Hut
  • Stylin Strings
  • The Lax Shack (Proboss Lacrosse)
  • Haywire Lacrosse