Start Here - The Basics

Start Here!

So you have your lacrosse head and your looking to string it up! This the place to start.
  • First you need to choose mesh. I recommend standard size 15mm mesh for just about everyone. I recommend you try 15mm East Coast Mesh. You can buy it at .
          You will also need strings to string the mesh. You will need 1 sidewall for the topstring, 2 for the sidewalls, 1 for the bottom string, and another for a shooting string if you choose. You will also need cloth shooting strings. The number will depend on how you choose to set the head up. We will cover this later. You can purchase an entire kit with everything that you need at our website.

For a basic string job you will need the following:
  • 1 Piece of Mesh
  • 1 Topstring
  • 2 Sidewall Strings
  • 3 Shooting Strings  

Stringing the Topstring
  • The first step is to string the top string. The first tutorial is a basic tutorial and I recommend it for beginners. The second is a little more complicated but holds the top tighter and looks better.
This first tutorial is for the standard 9 Diamond top string

This second tutorial is for the more complicated 9 Diamond triangle top string

Stringing the Sidewalls
  • The next step is to string the sidewalls. This is where you choose the pocket placement. Each specific head page will have patterns and tutorials for different pocket placements. Below are 3 videos about each pocket placement: Mid, Low, High. I recommend a mid pocket for a player just started or someone that does not know exactly what they want.
  • Also I have made videos with pocket recommendations for each specific position. 
  • You will also need to know how to string all of the knots and patterns for lacrosse. How to string the knots, interlocks, 1, 2, ect will be the first video.
 Tutorial: Lacrosse Knots

Theory: Mid Pocket

Theory: Low Pocket

Theory:  High Pocket

Pocket Recommendation: Midfield

Pocket Recommendation: Attack

Stringing the Shooting Strings
  • Now that your pocket is strung you have to string the shooting strings. There are three types of shooting strings: weaved, barreled, and rolled. Below will be a video with information about all 3. I recommend weaved for almost everyone.
  • You also must choose the type of shooting string: nylon or cloth. I string nylon shooters with sidewall and cloth with hockey lace. These can be purchased individually or in a kit on our site.
  • Finally you must choose the shape: straight, U, or V.
Weaved vs Rolled vs Barreled Shooters

Tutorial: Weaved Shooters

Theory: U's, V's, and Straights

Bottom String:

  • Now you have all of the basic information you need to string a lacrosse head. Please consult each specific head page for help with stringing the exact head you have!