Welcome to the East Coast Dyes stringing database blog! 

      This is a resource for stringers who are looking to learn how to string specific heads. East Coast Dyes produces helpful and high quality stringing videos, tutorials, and gear reviews. This site will organize the videos and information by specific head so that stringers can learn how to string each one.  

     Before you start make sure to go to the Start Here - The Basics Page! The basics page will teach you the essentials such as topstring, sidewalls, and shooters.

      East Coast Dyes also produces the high performance wax treated  East Coast Mesh. East Coast Mesh is coated in a secret blend of ingredients that make it outperform traditional hard mesh in every aspect. Traditional hard mesh bags out and becomes unusable in the rain. East Coast Mesh is weather resistant and repels water so your stick will always be on point. If you would like to purchase mesh or read some reviews click the "Store" link in the navigation bar or go to www.eastcoastdyes.com