The STX Surgeon was a new head for the STX line a few years ago. This head is geared toward offense and has an aggressive flare and pinch. It has a long narrow throat which makes it ideal for attackman. It comes in NHFS spec and X6 spec. The NHFS is legal for all levels of play except NCAA and the Surgeon 10 is legal for NCAA only. I would recommend the surgeon for mainly attackman and midfielders. However some NCAA defensemen use the Surgeon 10 as it is relatively stiff. This head features ACP or all climate performance. This means it will not get too soft in the head and too brittle in the cold.

STX Surgeon
Full Review

STX Surgeon
High Pocket Tutorial
15mm East Coast Mesh

STX Surgeon
Brendan Mundorf  Tutorial
Very detailed sidewall tutorial via STX

STX Surgeon 
Mid High Pocket
15mm East Coast Mesh
Includes Pattern

Head Comaparison
STX Surgeon vs Brine Clutch


Head Comaprison
STX Surgeon vs Warrior Blade Pro

Head Comparison
Surgeon 10 vs Warrior Evo Pro X6
Both NCAA Legal only versions